We believe broadband deployment and adoption is directly tied to the economic future of rural America (see White Paper under Resources).

Our Approach

cTechnology’s approach to broadband infrastructure expansion is to work directly with regional carriers to find and implement innovative business models that will create a sustainable service model in rural communities. In the Spring of 2009, we assisted two carriers with identifying and building a sustainable business model to bring broadband to two west Tennessee communities (Tatumville and Mercer, Tennessee) that will leverage the USDA Community Connect grants. In the summer of 2009, we launched a regional initiative on behalf of the federal development districts to encourage, recruit, and assist regional and national carriers to participate in filing for the first round of the $7.2b BIP/BTOP Broadband Stimulus Program. We published first hand information we gathered about the program to a public web site and directly helped two carriers in their filings for rural west and western middle Tennessee which totaled over $50M.

See the Case Studies section for two of our previous successes in this arena.

The BIP/BTOP public resources can be found at: