Online Job Creation

Our goal is to see a “Digital Community” formed in every rural west Tennessee County around the technology economy and to give the region a reputation for technology-based innovation and entrepreneurship to meet the demands of the 21st century. This will dramatically change the region’s economic and workforce readiness profile and become a new attractor for industry and commerce.

21st Century Jobs

Rural west Tennessee is in need of a new and relevant 21st Century approach to workforce development and job creation if we wish to establish a legacy for the upcoming generations of rural west Tennessee young people. The alarming loss rate of young people from rural west Tennessee can only be stemmed by establishing beachheads of new economic opportunity in every rural county. The online economy is one such beachhead. 21st Century workforce development and job creation methods combined with broadband Internet deployment can be the driving force to establish a new army of rural young people who are prospering in their rural communities. These young people will become the core of a new transforming force for good in rural west Tennessee, bridging rural community values with 21st Century opportunity.

The current global economy has thousands of high-paying online jobs available to skilled and semi-skilled workers from companies that are seeking contractors and employees who are willing to work off-site, remotely. Many of these jobs are in online and digital technologies, which are a natural fit for the young people of rural west Tennessee. See for a sample of what is available in online, project-based jobs. There are multiple sources such as this available.

In our west Tennessee pilot, we have found under-25 young people very enthusiastic and capable of learning these skills and becoming employable in this market. We have also found online employers willing to mentor and train up new young rural software engineers, developers, marketers, help desk people, and many other online skills.

Co-Working Centers

Rural Co-Working Centers. We intend to set up and operate “Co-Working Centers”, right on rural Main Street in every county in the program area. These 2000-3000 sq ft sites will be commercial in nature and cTechnology and its online outsourcing placement partners will provide for the management of these facilities.

The “Co-Working Center” will be where young people who have been placed into online remote employment in our program can work together, sharing common resources such as broadband, conference room, and other resources. The online economy thrives in environments of collaboration and social networking and these sites will plant the seeds for a new Technology Corridor across the region.

The Co-Working Center will provide access to shared resources such as a robust broadband connection, shared software and hardware, video conferencing facilities, distance learning and education facilities, and other shared resources. The outcome will be the fostering of a “Digital Community” where these skills can be perpetuated in the rural community and entrepreneurial small business opportunities around technology can flourish.